The “Me Time” Myth

I love this and agree 100%. I believe a major cause for marriages breaking down in couples no longer acting as a couple. Each person is a separate person no longer a joined couple. You have to raise children as a team. I love being a wife and mom and know I will have too much “me time” when my kids are grown.

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We moms are always talking about “Me Time.”  We seem to spend a lot of brain power thinking about it and how to get it.  I even recently saw a red carpet reporter whose sole assignment was to ask celebrity moms how they get the all-important Me Time.  And, each celebrity had different answers.  Pedicures and coffee were favorites.  Lunches and going to the gym were mentioned.  Basically any activity that doesn’t involve the children can qualify, although if doesn’t involve the children OR the husband, then it is really considered a treat.


And I know why we say this.  It’s because being a mom is tiring.  And draining.  And some days it’s not all that fun or even interesting.  Being a mom requires lots of hard work, lots of putting others first, and lots of doing things that you don’t necessarily feel like doing.  So, when we have been…

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Who is that woman with my son?

Loved this article. I am continuously growing with my kids!

that cynking feeling

Who is that woman with my son? She just stands there as Philip messes up the craft. At this table, the public library has a project in which a coffee filter is supposed to be glued to the top of the green rectangle of construction paper to become a flower on a stem. Philip is gluing it in the middle! Wait, is she helping him do it wrong? Why didn’t she point out how the other kids are doing it the right way? She acts as if this gymnasium full of families won’t notice.

Philip should now select a pastel cupcake liner and glue inside the filter as the flower’s blossom. He touches the pink, blue, and yellow cups, but puts the cap back on the glue stick. And that woman lets him.

Now he is moving to the other side of the table. He has discovered the librarian’s stash…

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You May Say She is Spoiled, I Say She’s Determined


At seven years old this is my daughter’s bedroom. She has currently 13 American Girl Dolls (one is a bitty baby). I get looks of horror from mom’s when they see this. They make snide comments about how spoiled she must be.

Now I will say she did receive her first doll, a bitty baby at two months old, her first Christmas from her very excited Grandmother. This has become a family tradition the first Christmas the girls get their first bitty baby. When she turned a year she received her first American Girl Doll. This is how it began…

Now over the years she has started to love the dolls and their stories. So we have found some dolls second hand. She saves her allowance money all year, combines it with birthday, and Christmas gifts (she always asks for money or AG gift cards). So when other kids are receiving Barbies, or stuffed animals, pokemon games, furby’s, or any of the other crazy things they get she is patiently waiting to buy another doll.

Each doll has been chosen for a reason. Nikki trained a service dog- my daughter has a service dog. Julie reminds her of Mommy. Saige loves art like my daughter. McKenna is a gymnast like my daughter. The list goes on. These girls and their stories have taught my daughter to read. They have taught her to embrace her individuality, something as a young girl with Aspergers she struggles with.

So while you may say she is spoiled. I say she is determined. She knows what she wants, works all year, year after year for her goals, and sticks with it. I am proud of the collection she has accumulated and I will help her in any way I can.


120 hour shift

Yes folks you read that right. My poor husband is on a 120 hour shift. That means he will not be home for yep 120 hours- he will spend 5 straight days running calls and maintaining a firehouse schedule.

What does this mean for our house… Well it means deep cleaning and reading of course. We are about halfway done with this shift. All three kids are battling colds so they have stayed home from sports this week but other than that our regularly scheduled madness lives on.

Homeschooling all three kids by myself because Daddy is not home to help. Ran errands today: five stores including two weeks of grocery shopping completed. Deep cleaning the kitchen: stove has been cleaned, fan above scrubbed, fridge and freezer cleaned out, washed fridge, washed floors, washed the walls, dusted, cleaned the windows, cleaned the blinds, reorganized the cabinets and countertops, and cleaned light fixtures. Tomorrow we tackle deep cleaning the living room, two birthday parties, and dinner with the firehouse family.

I am exhausted. Sunday will be our day of rest… It is much needed.

Friends that “Just Get It”

I am so beyond lucky to have a few amazing friends!

I was lucky to find one of those friends in jr high. She and I are still friends 20 years later. We experienced boyfriends and high school dramas together. Today we have children the same age. We may not get to spend our days hanging out like we did once upon a time but one call and it’s just like old times.

Another one of my amazing friends I met when I was in what can only be called the “transition” phase of my life. I was alone and very afraid. She was there for the good times and was the only one who stayed for the rough patches. She and I have switched our rolls time and time again. No matter the distance or time that passes we are always there. She is truly an amazing friend and I feel so blessed to have her.

The third I can only describe as a kindred spirit. She speaks in terms others do not always understand, maybe that is why we “get each other.” We are so alike. I can send her some random thought and she knows exactly what it means. Having someone who can understand your nonsense is always important!

Cherish your friends! Find those friends that matter. Don’t focus on those faceless phony people who claim to have your back but judge your every step. Cherish those important friends who just get it.

Date night change of plans

Every parent looks forward to that glorious night when someone takes your kids for the night. It happens every once every three to four months for my husband and I that we can manage a night with no kids.

Of course last night all three children were all settled in at my in laws. We were home, enjoying a quiet night at home. We were just about to snuggle in bed and watch a movie when….

The phone call came, “Mommy I don’t feel good I want to come home.” So of course I had to get up, get dressed, and drive the 30 minutes to go get my boy. He then spent the night snuggled in bed between mom and dad. Yep that was our date night.


Nightmares…. We all have them. They wake us from our slumber usually in tears, night sweats, and totally shaken. They can cause a minor interruption in our sleep to a completely restless night.

Last night was a restless night of sleep for me. It started with minor bad dreams focusing on people from the past who I do not associate with. Then progressed to dreams about my children being hurt in an accident. Finished with an all out nightmare with my husband being killed in a fire at work.

I woke for the third time with tears streaming down my face. I decided at this time sleep was not going to happen for me. Do you ever have those nights where you just can’t get good nights sleep? Your dreams get progressively worse the more you try to sleep.

I envy those who do not dream. I have such vivid dreams almost every night that I wake up wondering if they were reality or just a dream.

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